Health Information and Health Forms

Post date: Sep 01, 2016 2:27:32 PM

This page describes Troop 1's handling of health information and health forms.


  • For each participant in Troop overnight activities, the Troop requires a BSA Health Form and a Camping Participant Waiver.

  • This applies not only to scouts and registered adult leaders, but also to others (such as adults and youth who participate as "guests").

  • Parts A and B of the Health Form, dated within the 13 months, are required for any overnight camping.

  • Part C of the Health Form (i.e. the physician's report) is required for any overnight activity greater than 72 hours. This applies to summer camp, "high adventure" camps such as Philmont, Sea Base, or Boundary Waters trips, or any other trips greater than two nights.

  • Camping Participant Waivers are collected and maintained along with Health Forms, although they are not health-related.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Troop's Health Records Coordinator maintains the Troop's collection of Health Forms and Camping Participant Waivers.

  • The Health Records Coordinator receives forms from scouts and families, makes a back-up copy of each, takes note of health matters that are relevant to safe camping (such as prescription medications, allergies, and serious illnesses), and keeps track of the status of each scout's/scouter's health information (received or not, up-to-date or aged).

  • Jointly, the Troop's Health Records Coordinator and Scoutmaster determine the health record requirements for any upcoming Troop event and ensure that forms and information are collected from participants as needed.

  • The Scoutmaster provides to the Health Records Coordinator the roster of participants.

  • The Health Records Coordinator checks the roster against the Troop's records.

  • For any participants with missing or out-of-date information, the Health Records Coordinator requests the required forms/information from participants.

  • The Scoutmaster helps ensure that participants supply necessary forms/information before the activity occurs.

  • The Health Records Coordinator provides the collection to the Scoutmaster prior to the activity. (If the Scoutmaster will not be attending the activity, the Health Records Coordinator provides the collection to the Scoutmaster's delegate.)

  • The Scoutmaster reviews the health records of each participant before the activity, keeps the records during the activity, and returns the collection to the Health Records Coordinator after the activity.

Handling of Sensitive Information

  • The Troop does not send electronic versions of health information or store electronic health records online.

  • The Troop's backup copies of health records may be in paper or electronic format, as long as they are not publicly accessible.

  • Scouts/scouters may choose to send their own or their child's health records or health-related information electronically, if they are comfortable with this. Scouts/scouters who choose to do this are accepting the risks inherent in electronic communication.