Wreath Sale

Wreath Sale • Sept. 11 - Oct. 22.

It’s time to start selling wreaths! This is our biggest fundraiser and a great way to earn money for your Scout Account as well as help the Troop with money it needs for camp reservations and the cost of adults to attend camp. After the cost of wreaths is paid, 75% of the profit goes to Scout Accounts to pay towards camp and high adventure expenses and 25% of the profit goes to help fund the Troop. We ask that all Scouts strive to sell a minimum of 10 items.

ONLINE SALES STOREFRONT - for LOCAL customers. This method to allow customers to pay with a card and is a contactless SALES option.


In-Person Sales (non-online) 

In-Person Order Tally Google Sheet - Make a copy. Keep this online and let it do the math for double-checking etc. 

PDF Tally Form - Print this and use it on a clipboard and then transfer it to the google sheet Tally form

Sales Flyer - You can leave this inside doors around the neighborhood, email it, etc. and directly allow people to buy from you online. It is editable (make a copy before making edits!).

All in-person (non-online) Orders are due with payments at the Troop meeting on October 23. No payment; no order. 

If you're unable to make the Oct 23 order collection date, make arrangements to drop your orders and money before Oct. 23 with Ann Wempner. Please remember - no cash. If you collect cash, please keep it and write a check. 


Full payment for all in-person sales items is due when you turn in your order sheet Oct. 23. Online orders automatically collect payments. Online line orders will close at midnight on Oct 22. 

The money turned in must match the total amount listed on your order tally sheet. Money is collected at the time of sale, not at delivery (i.e., all wreaths must be paid for in full when we order them from the supplier).

Checks should be made to "BSA Troop 1." If someone writes a check in the name of the scout or their parent, please aggregate these and write a single check to Troop 1. Likewise, if anybody pays in cash, please write a check for that amount to BSA Troop 1 and keep the cash. 


Online payment(s) for mail-ordered wreaths is tracked separately from in-person or online sales that Scouts deliver.


Delivery will be on Nov. 18 at Northrop Elementary School.
Truck arrives at 9:00. Details are forthcoming on how orders will be scheduled for pickup. All items should be delivered by Thanksgiving.


We need scouts to be there early at 9:00 am to help unload the truck and sort & build all the orders for the Troop and Pack. 

Trucks will be unloaded and Orders will be picked and built on-site (done by scouts). 

Orders will be double-checked and marked (done by scouts).

Then orders will be triple-checked (and initialed) at load out (by an adult). No order leaves the parking lot without adult approval.   

If you are not able to attend, please let us know ASAP. 

You will need to make arrangements to pick up all of your items during our delivery window as we do not have storage.