Scout Accounts

An important announcement about Scout accounts:

About Scout Accounts: For new parents, and others who may have forgotten, Scout Accounts are maintained within the Troop's financial record for all Scouts. Scout Accounts track individual Scout' fundraising earnings from the Popcorn and Wreath Sales. Scout Accounts also track individual Scout's expenses. Troop 1 covers monthly campout registration costs, so for a typical camping weekend individual scout expenses are the cost of food ($10) . Outings that require special admission fees (Ski lift tickets, Valley Fair, RAD Zoo admission, etc.), as well as, expenses for Summer Camp and High-Adventure trips can also be deducted from a Scout's Account.

Scout expenses are calculated after each outing and are deducted from each Scout's Account. Scout Account money may NOT be used for buying Scout-related equipment and gear, per IRS rules. Earnings from fundraisers like the Pancake Breakfasts, Car Washes, etc. support the Troop's General Fund that pays for things like our charter, basic weekend camp reservations, Troop equipment and gear, library and other resource materials, supplies, and Scout and adult training.

It's important that there be a positive balance in your Scout's Account. If there isn't, the Troop's General Fund and other Scouts' Scout Accounts are subsidizing your Scout. It's like overdrawing your bank account. You can do it in small amounts and from time to time.

The Metro Lakes District "new-way" fee structure ($144) for annual scouting registration does not provide any money to Troop 1 or a Scout's Account.

As the humorist and writer Jean Shepherd ("A Christmas Story") said, "In God we trust. All others pay cash." Checks, though, are fine.

If you have any further questions about how Scout Accounts work, please reach out. If you don't have your Scout's Account statement and want to know the balance, please contact Treasurer, Jen Newberg, Troop1 Treasurer <>