Rules for Camp


Will be reviewed during Friday night PLC Mostly for PLs to supervise their patrols.

Remember the Patrol Leaders and Senior Patrol Leader are in charge.

1- Scout Oath & Law

2- Follow the Duty Roster
Agree upon the Duty Roster Friday night. If it doesn't seem fair, speak up. 

3- Only eat from your own patrol’s food. 

4- Gather and eat as a Patrol and say Grace/Food Reflection before eating meals. 

Did you invite an adult? We sit in fellowship; we do not wander around grazing. 

5- Know the camp schedule. Mind your time. 

6- No Phones/Electronic games. 

Adults don’t want to see them or know about them if you violate this rule. 

7- Ask before you borrow something.
      Want to sit in somebody's chair, use somebody's tool, play somebody's game? Ask first. 

8- Participate in the activities. 

You get out what you put in. Participate - learn stuff - have fun. 

9- Try to make sure everybody feels like they’re included.

Not everybody can play at every game or participate in every activity at the same time, but nobody should be without anything to do unless they want to be. 

10- Buddy system at all times and communicate your location w/ PL or APL.