Halloween Party 2017

Overall debrief and improvements for next year:

* Scouts participated in two shifts, one from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM that involved setup, one from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM that involved cleanup.

* Jeanette purchased food--pizza, hot dogs, chips, buns, soda--and dropped it off in the church kitchen the day before the party.

* Michael got $30 seed cash and put out the price sign and cash box by the food the day of the party.

* First shift crew started the ovens and cooked the pizzas and hot dogs

* During the party, we ran out of pizza, and Hillary went out to get more

* The net profit for the night was about $300

To avoid running out of supplies, Jeanette and Hillary recommend the following quantities:

18 thin crust frozen pizzas, NEED 25

64 hot dogs and buns, NEED 90

94 cans of soda, NEED 120

84 bags of chips, NEED 100

Plates, napkins, and condiments, NEED 300

Kimberly recommends the following for $80 seed cash:

30 - $1

4 - $5

2 - $10

1 - roll of quarters