Snow Base 2016

Post date: Feb 16, 2016 2:31:41 PM

[Corey Needleman's notes]

Took a crew of 5 boys / 2 adults - 1 car

We were early in the season (2nd weekend) this meant there was a need to build Quinzhees for sleeping; there were not enough previously constructed for us to use. Building quinzhees is fun, but we spent most of our day Saturday building the quinzhees. This limited our time in other activities such as XC skiing, Tubing, Snowshoeing, Broomball, etc.

Friday Schedule worked well:

5:30pm arrive at MUMC / 5:45pm depart MUMC

8:15pm arrive at Tomahawk (park backward in lot in case of severe cold - it’s easier to jump)

Fri Night is busy: Get squared away in the bunkhouse, check in at Camp Director w/ Roster and Health forms (they’ll hold until Sunday), go to outfitters for gear. Cracker Barrel then adult meeting. Sleep at 11pm.

Provided Gear: Hat, Balaclava, Awesome Mittens (Black Diamond Mercury - you won’t be cold in fingers), Wool & liner Socks, Suspenders, Wool Pants (sometimes they run out of small sizes), Wool Shirt/Sweater (sometimes they run out), Boots/Liners, Water Bottle & Holster, Sleeping Bag - You pay for what you don’t return, remind scouts to keep track of their gear.

Saturday: Once we leave for the trails around 9/9:30, you do not enter a building again for 24 hours. This can be challenging in certain weather conditions, scouts and scouters are constantly reminded by our guides to stay warm. The goal is for each scout to be challenged and have a memorable experience.

Recommended to bring: second wicking long underwear shirt to change into at bedtime, second insulation layer (Wool/fleece Sweater) for daytime and bedtime, a pair of non-cotton / non-jeans pants, Snow pants or Pants Shell, Winter Jacket / Shell. Hand and Toe Warmers for night, if it’s projected super cold. I gave everybody a set of hand warmers on Saturday night (-20ºF) and that helped with psychology of being warm at bedtime.

Any gear not needed on trail stays in bunkhouse.


After breakfast gear is turned in. This greats crazy, so great organization by the crew to do a quick, accurate count of gear is a must. For space and transport, keep current keep of boot liners in boots, everything is piled, counted and placed in bags. Designate each scout a job during this phase otherwise it ends up being a job of one being instructed by many others.

Big lunch at noon is the closing of camp.