Ski Camp 2017

Post date: Feb 28, 2017 2:25:36 PM

The Troop departed on Friday 2/25/2017 (6:00 PM) and returned on Sunday 2/27. They stayed at Fred C Anderson, the Peterson 1 and 2 cabins. Michael Hartford was the adult leader in charge, also with Ned Johnson, Glen Champion and Louis Hoffman (grubmaster). 12 scouts attended. Pack 1 was also camping at Fred C Anderson.

Planning tasks:

    • Michael Hartford make reservations 1 year in advance ($200 charge to Troop)

    • A Tour Plan was not needed

    • Michael Hartford invited scouts to register for the event in late November (3 months in advance)

    • Michael Hartford sent another communication to scouts on 1/16

    • Michael Hartford sent a "know before you go" communication to participants 3 days in advance

    • Dave Martin cross-check adult training across planned activities about a week in advance

    • Dave Martin cross-checked the roster against vehicle/seat count a few days in advance

    • Michael Hartford coordinated with health records keeper to obtain and review participant health information

    • Louis Hoffman planned the menu and purchased food

    • Michael Hartford purchased lift tickets in advance

Notes for Next Time

    • Michael has booked Peterson 1 and 2 for the troop for 2/2-3 for 2018's ski camp. (Pack 1 has booked Swanson for the same weekend.)

    • Cross-check roster against vehicle capacity earlier. (1 week was not really enough. The Troop would have been in a jam if Pack 1 hadn't been camping at Fred C Anderson the same weekend and had some extra vehicle capacity.) Also, essentially 4 legs need to have adequate seat count. The number of Scouts may be different for each leg: church to camp, camp to Trollhaugen, Trollhaugen back to camp, and camp back to church.

    • Close registration earlier, with a clear communication with AOL Scouts who are invited about the deadline - we got the group rate at Trollhaugen, but we would have had an easier time at check-in if we had secured the group rate a week before.

    • Overall, this camp ran very smoothly; it's a known quantity and a good system, though personnel changes in the next few years might make this a hard tradition to carry over. It is a favorite of many of our Scouts, particularly older Scouts.

    • Changes to consider: Trollhaugen offers a Scout day 3 times during the winter, usually on Sundays, with deeper discounts and the opportunity to work on the Ski/Snowboard MB; some older Scouts expressed a strong interest in night skiing (Trollhaugen is open late on Friday and Saturday)--this may be a good "High Adventure" trip for First Class and above.

    • Integration with the Pack was challenging because most of the Troop was skiing all day; we did have a joint campfire, and AOL patrol skied with us and ate supper with us, this may be the maximum integration possible.