Merit Badge Camp 2016 - Planning

Post date: Feb 21, 2016 5:23:0 PM

Key Facts

    • Departure date/time: 3/11/2016 6:30 PM

    • Return date/time: 3/13/2016 10:00 AM

    • Registration deadline: 3/7/2016 Troop Meeting

    • Adult in charge: Michael Hartford, Corey Needleman

    • Scout in charge/acting SPL: Zach Jones

    • Health officer:

    • Patrols/patrol leaders:

    • Drivers/vehicles:

    • Adult roster:

    • Youth roster:

    • Notes from last time:


[what / who / status]

    • Make reservation / Hartford /

    • File Tour Plan / Martin / Not Needed

    • Communicate to scouts / Hartford / Done

    • Communicate specifics (when to meet, what to bring, etc.) to participants

    • Cross-check adult training across planned activities / Martin

  • Cross-check roster against vehicle/seat count / Martin

    • Coordinate with health records keeper /

    • Write up "notes for next time" after the event /

Notes for Next Time:

    • Patrols need to inspect their patrol boxes before leaving (ideally the meeting night before) and confirm that they have everything on the checklist; taking an old and under-stocked patrol box doesn't contribute to success!

    • Patrol QMs who report to the patrol leader, with the patrol leader responsible for ensuring that they have the right gear, is critical

    • Doing a patrol-style camp for MB Camp instead of a cabin camp posed a few challenges:

      • We got off to a slow start in the morning--breakfast cleanup took longer than planned

      • Sticking to schedule is a little harder in the more free-range environment; we covered less material than might have been covered the way we've done past MB camps

    • Incorporating some ILST into the camp was great--we should consider doing reflections throughout the day at other camps, to assess how we're doing, what's working, what we can change, rather than just having a Thorns & Roses at the end of camp

    • The Wilderness Survival activities were fun and the Scouts stayed engaged in the games and tasks

    • Shelter building was also successful; there was enough space for Scouts to scatter and set up their shelters on their own, and the weather was perfect

    • Some camp systems break down a bit on DST changes--our wash water was delivered late by the camp master on Sunday, and check out was a little delayed

    • It was a good opportunity for in the field first aid role playing - we will be incorporating these things into future camps and hikes.

    • The boys enjoyed working on badges they needed and requested.

    • Pine bend would be really great next year.

    • I liked the ILST, it was unfortunate the current PLC and Grey Wolfers weren't there.