Board Game Camp 2018

Post date: Feb 25, 2019 9:59:12 PM

This was our 4th board game camp at Kiwanis Scout Camp, following a familiar pattern:

* 20 Scouts and 6 adults attended

* We made reservations at Kiwanis Scout Camp in August; Camp isn't busy in December

* We rented the same two cabins (Otter and Wolverine), and divided by patrols - two patrols each.

* Cooking was done by patrol primarily inside with hot water from a coffee percolator, crock pots, and an electric skillet.

* Scouts mostly played board games and ventured outside for games and fire building and hikes and such


• Werewolf patrol (only 3 scouts) did not have a menu or food, as they all missed the meeting prior to camp and the message for them to be spread amongst other three patrols didn't get communicated. They didn't starve, but it wasn't ideal.

• Untrained adults were on the trip and they disrupted the scout leadership chain on several occasions.

• Extra food (off-menu) was brought and shared by the aforementioned adults and that created tension between groups.