Back to the Woods Camp 2017

Post date: Oct 17, 2017 4:45:6 PM

The Troop departed on Friday 10/13/2017 (6:30 PM) and returned on Sunday 10/15. They stayed at Rice Lake State Park near Owatonna. Michael Hartford was the adult leader in charge, with Corey Needleman and Eddie McDonald attending (and Ruth Wikoff-Jones Friday night). 13 scouts attended.

Planning notes:

    • Michael Hartford made reservations - 1 month in advance

    • A Tour Plan was not needed

    • The driving/seatbelt situation was tight. In order to make it work, the Troop had to recruit a volunteer driver each way.

Notes for Next Time

    • The group site at Rice Lake SP is nice--surrounded by a 1 mile trail loop through meadows and woods, about a half mile from the main camping area, good for a low-key camp where Scouts stay at the site and do Scout stuff.

    • Water was a challenge: there is a water pump about 100 yards from the site, but it was closed for the season, so we had to go to the main camp loop to fill up. This was made more difficult by the fact that the Scouts forgot to pack large water jugs, so we were relying on individual water bottles ...

    • Gear was a challenge: Scouts were short on stoves, and partly due to cold weather being bad for propane breakfast was delayed; water jugs were not packed; Scouts had trouble setting up T4s in the dark.

    • Younger Scouts mostly goofed off and did some advancement work (two Scouts completed Tenderfoot outdoor requirements, three earned Totin' Chip), older Scouts hung out and napped. For a low key camp with a focus on Scouts having independence to run their own affairs, this is not a bad thing. Some interpersonal conflicts came to the surface and had to be addressed (swearing, sticks, excluding others), but all were addressed in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law.

    • Older Scouts noted a lack of basic gear skills and at the PLC decided on the following:

      • More strongly enforce the use of T4s and tent buddies until Scouts have earned First Class

      • Use gear checklists in patrol boxes to ensure required gear is not left behind

      • Enforce duty rosters by patrol leaders

    • Meals were mostly successful; adults and older Scouts reviewed meal plans before the camp, and Scouts were mostly successful at preparing meals

      • Breakfast was delayed due to stove issues

      • Gummy Knights' chili was a disaster because it was not sufficiently spiced (due to one Scout's insistence that chili powder not be used)