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This year’s popcorn sale offers the opportunity for all scouts to accept credit cards through the new Trail’s End app. 

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play app stores. We’ll go over the app quickly in the kickoff. You’ll be able to follow along on your smartphone if you download it and create an account for your scout ahead of time. Please note, the account is for the scout. Parents don’t have an account for the sale.

If your scout had an online sales page last year, it’s the same login & password. If your scout is new to the Trail’s End website, you’ll need to create an account. Please use the following troop information to ensure your scouts' sales are credited to our troop: Northern Star Council > Metro Sales District > Troop 3001
Note: We’ll be using Troop 3001 for both our boy and girl troops. 

Sales Tables - Due to Covid 19 there will be No Sales tables this year. 
We’ll be using sales tables again to help scouts sell more popcorn. Times are set up at Oxendales and Longfellow Market, with a call out to the new Cub on 46th St & Hiawatha.  Sign up for the sales tables will be through the app, but signup won’t begin until Monday after the kickoff. 

If you know of another location that might allow us to set up a table for a few hours, please Mrs. Barber know. I’m also open to working with scouts if they would like to coordinate a sales table at their church after services.