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Ski Camp 2018

We have been doing Ski Camp for a long time as a Troop, and this camp followed the typical pattern:

Location: Camping at Fred C. Andersen, Peterson I and II lodges; skiing at Trollhaugen
Participants: 15 Boy Scouts, 8 Webelos, 7 Troop 1 adults, 6 Pack 1 adults
The Troop camp was scheduled in conjunction with Pack 1's Winter Camp, held at Swanson Lodge. This made it easier to integrate Webelos into the camp. The Peterson and Swanson lodges are popular, so it's best to book this camp a year in advance.

Troop 1 Scouts met at MUMC on Friday; Webelos Scouts traveled with family to the Cub Scout camp. The Troop and most Webelos arrived at camp around 7:00 PM. The Troop divided between the two cabins (older Scout patrols in Peterson II, young Scout patrols in Peterson I; most adults in the Peterson I loft, Scoutmaster and Cubmaster at Peterson II) and had a basic cracker barrel snack. The Webelos stayed with the Pack until about 9:30 PM, when they came down to Peterson II (space at Swanson was limited; the original plan was to have the Webelos stay with the Pack on Friday and join the Troop on Saturday).

After breakfast on Saturday, the Scouts left for Trollhaugen; we left at about 8:30 AM, and arrived at Trollhaugen at about 9:15 AM. Scouts got into line and started filling out rental forms while two adults worked with the Trollhaugen office on final participant count, lessons, and lift tickets. Meanwhile, two adults stayed behind at camp and worked on making supper.

Adults helped Scouts get gear and get to lessons. Scouts not taking lessons were free to hit the slopes with buddies. After lessons, most Scouts were able to buddy up with other Scouts and ski most of the day; a few Scouts needed a little more help and skied with groups including adults. Lunch was at Trollhaugen; all participants bought food at the snack bar for lunch (typically about $12 for burgers, fries, etc.).

One Scout took snowboard lessons in the morning but they didn't take, and he struggled on the slopes, so we switched him to skis. With his rental form and a discussion with the front desk, it was pretty easy to arrange. The rental office keeps copies of all rental forms if a Scout doesn't keep his form.

In past years, we've had some Scouts ask to leave early, about 2:00 PM. This year, all Scouts stayed until about 4:30 PM. There were three on the slopes past the planned departure time, and we needed to request an announcement from the office to help gather them.

We got back to camp at about 5:30 PM and got ready for supper. We were able to get all of the participants (about 35) into Peterson I for supper, though it was crowded. Instead of having a line of Scouts at the kitchen door, we had adults take plates and serve to reduce crowding and chances to spill food. Supper was generally well-received--a few picky Scouts thought the pasta sauce was too spicy, but loaded up on garlic bread, so no one starved.

After supper and clean-up, Scouts played games, built fires in the fireplaces, and relaxed. Most Scouts were pretty tired after skiing all day.

We had a simple breakfast of bagels and fruit, and checked out at 9:00 AM.

We made the Fred C. Andersen reservation a year before the camp due to the popularity of these cabins, and coordinated the reservation with the Cub Scout Pack.

We used a modified registration form that included questions about whether participants needed lessons for skiing, lessons for snowboarding, ski rental, or snowboard rental. We encouraged early registration to ensure we hit the 20 participant minimum for the Trollhaugen group rate.

A week before camp, an adult contacted Trollhaugen with the number of participants needing lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. The group rate was $36 for youth lift tickets (17 and under), $40 for adult tickets, $20 for rental (ski or board), and free lessons; the group rate also includes a free lift ticket and rental for one adult. The day before camp, an adult contacted Trollhaugen with final numbers to ensure availability of teachers for lessons. There is flexibility on the day of skiing to change some of the numbers--we had a couple of Scouts switch between skiing and snowboarding, and we had some late cancellations due to illness. The final charge from Trollhaugen was $1,748 for 33 participants.

For meals, the Scouts provided instructions to Louis Hoffman for Saturday breakfast and supper, and to Michael Hartford for cracker barrel and Sunday breakfast. Louis and Eddie McDonald bought and prepared the Saturday meals (biscuits and gravy for breakfast; pasta, tomato vegetable sauce, and garlic bread for supper); Michael bought the cracker barrel (crackers, summer sausage, cheese, Oreos) and Sunday breakfast (bagels, cream cheese, fruit) food.