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Halloween Party 2018

Halloween Party 2018

Overall debrief and improvements for next year:

* Scouts participated in two shifts, one from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM that involved setup, one from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM that involved cleanup.
* Corey applied for a Thrivent Action Team Grant to purchase supplies. 
* Jim purchased food--pizza, hot dogs, chips, buns, soda--and dropped it off in the church kitchen the day before the party.
* Jen got $80 seed cash and put out the price sign and cash box by the food the day of the party.
* First shift crew started the ovens and cooked the pizzas and hot dogs
* The net profit for the night was about $475

Pizza was of more interest than hot dogs - by far. Buy more pizzas than Hotdogs, as a ratio.  It is easier to have pizza at the end of the night than hot dogs.  During our last 1/2 hour 'fire sale' guests are more likely to come back for another slice or two of pizza than another hot dog.
More Cheese pizza - 1/2 of the pizzas just cheese.  It is always an easy winner for young kids and ran out early this year.  

More Water, and more non-sodas (like cans of minute-maid).  Water ran out first and parents were looking for non-soda alternatives.
Buy a different brand of hot dogs.  Not Costco's Bar S Classic Jumbo Franks. They didn't hold their shape well during transitions from pot to serving pan and were easily broken even with the slightest touch with tongs.

The chips as part of the meal got a pretty ho-hum response. Little bags of carrots would sell more meals because parents would be more apt to round up to balance the sweets their kids were already ingesting at the party.

30 thin crust frozen pizzas, (50% cheese) - more pizzas (we bought 25 this year) 
75 hot dogs and buns, (we bought 100 this year)
120 drinks, Mostly water and Non-Soda
100 bags of mini-carrots (instead of chips)
Plates, napkins, and condiments, NEED 300

$80 seed cash:
30 - $1
4 - $5
2 - $10
1 - roll of quarters