Scout Accounts

An important announcement about Scout accounts from Committee Chair Louis Hoffman and Treasurer Eric Grube:

New Scout Account statements were handed out to Scouts and/or parents last Monday and e-mailed to parents of Scouts who weren't at Monday evening's Troop meeting early last week.  If you haven't look at them, please do so.
   About Scout Accounts:  For new parents, and others who may have forgotten, Scout Accounts are maintained within the Troop's financial record for all Scouts.  Scout Accounts track individual Scout' fundraising earnings from the Camp Card, Popcorn, and Wreath Sales.  Scout Accounts also track individual Scout's expenses.  Expenses are mainly the cost of camping trips and other outings and the $60.00 annual dues.  These are calculated after each outing and are deducted from each Scout's Scout Account.  Scout Account money may also be used for buying Scout-related equipment and gear like backpacks, hiking boots, sleeping bags, tents, wool socks, and other camping and outdoor gear.  Earnings from the Pancake Breakfast and Spaghetti Dinner support the Troop's General Fund that pays for things like our charter, Troop equipment and gear, library and other resource materials, renting the YWCA pool for swimming, supplies, and Scout and adult training.  It's important that there be a positive balance in your Scout's Scout AccountIf there isn't, the Troop's General Fund and other Scouts' Scout Accounts are subsidizing your ScoutIt's like overdrawing your bank account.  You can do it in small amounts and from time to time.  We don't charge the $39.00 NSF fee that your bank would charge you.  But "overdrafts" should be avoided for too long, for too much, and too often.

   The number at the top of the Scout Account statement is the current balance.  If it's in parentheses or has a minus sign before it, it's a negative balanceIf your Scout's Scout Account balance is negative, please write a check payable to Boy Scout Troop 1 and give it to Committee Chair Louis Hoffman or to Treasurer Eric Grube as soon as possible.  We suggest adding a bit, like $85.00, to cover the three upcoming fall camps and Snow Base deposits that'll be due before popcorn and wreath sale income is credited.

   As the humorist and writer Jean Shepherd ("A Christmas Story") said, "In God we trust.  All others pay cash."  Checks, though, are fine.

   If you have any questions about how Scout Accounts work, please let me know.  If you don't have your Scout's Scout Account statement and want to know the balance, please contact Treasurer Eric Grube at 612-724-3143 or