Many Point

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Many Point is your outdoor laboratory and your key to advancement. Most advancement opportunities are offered during three sessions each morning. However, a variety of merit badges and special advancement opportunities exist during the remainder of the day as well.

Merit Badges
Use the Many Point Advancement Planning Worksheet to choose from over 30 different merit badge opportunities. Eagle required merit badges are highlighted in YELLOW.

Archery Fingerprinting Leatherwork Rifle Shooting
Astronomy First Aid Lifesaving Rowing
Basketry Fish & Wildlife Management Mammal Study Shotgun Shooting
Camping Fishing Nature Small Boat Sailing
Canoeing Forestry Orienteering Soil and Water Conservation
Climbing Geology Photography Swimming
Cooking Hiking Pioneering Weather
Emergency Preparedness Indian Lore Radio Wilderness Survival
Environmental Science Insect Study Reptile and Amphibian Study Wood Carving

Special Advancement Opportunities
- Adults and Youth can become a certified lifeguard for their troop.

BSA Aquatics Supervision Swimming & Water Rescue
- Youth (16+) and Adults will gain the guarding skills necessary for troop-run beaches.

BSA Aquatics Supervision Paddle Craft Safety
- Youth (16+) and Adults will gain the guarding skills necessary for float trips.

BSA Mile Swim
- Build up your endurance before swimming a mile to earn this award.

Snorkeling BSA
- Explore the underwater world of Many Point Lake while earning this award.

Kayaking BSA*
- Demonstrate your kayaking skills to earn this award

Board Sailing BSA*
- Demonstrate your sail boarding skills to earn this award.

Firem'n Chit
- Become certified to work safely with fire.

Totin' Chip
- Prove that you know how to deal with knives and axes safely.

*Offered through special activities or at a Flintlock Outpost only!

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