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Merit Badges

Scouts work on Merit Badges to learn new skills and advance in rank. There are currently 135 Merit Badges that Scouts can earn, from American Business to Woodworking, working independently, at summer camp, or through special

Requirements and worksheets for all merit badges can be found here at The Troop has a library of merit badge pamphlets; see your troop Librarian for details about borrowing a merit badge pamphlet. Pamphlets can also be purchased inexpensively at the Northern Star Council Scout Shops.

To begin work on a merit badge, a Scout needs to request a Blue Card from his Scoutmaster, and talk to a merit badge counselor about meeting the badge requirements. The troop has several merit badge counselors among our leaders and parents--you can see the list here; you can also contact the Pierce Flanagan at for a list of registered counselors.

Any adult can be a merit badge counselor! Help pass your experience and interests on to the Scouts of Troop 1; you don't need to be an expert in the badge's topics, you just need to be able to teach the badge requirements to Scouts and ensure that they meet the requirements. See any adult leader for more information about becoming a merit badge counselor.

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