Scouts or their parents or responsible adults are responsible for paying the

annual dues in the amount set by the Troop Committee, currently $60.00 per year.

Dues will be deducted from Scout Accounts in September. Dues for Scouts

crossing over from a Cub Scout Pack by March 31 are $50.00 and include the Boy

Scout Handbook, merit badge sash, neckerchief, shoulder loops, and unit



    Scouts are responsible for paying fees for an activity or outings that aren’t

covered by the Troop. The amount may be paid in advance or will be taken from

the Scout’s account after the activity. If there isn’t enough money in the Scout’s

account, the Scout, parent, or responsible adult is responsible to pay the fee to

the Troop.

    Fees are non-refundable to Scouts if they’re non-refundable to the Troop.

Scouts and adults should make sure that they can come on an activity or outing

when they sign up if the fee is non-refundable. Scouts and adults responsible for

their portion of the meal budget if they cancel participation in an activity or outing

for which food is purchased if they cancel after food is purchased.


    In addition to modest fees for activities and outings, Troop 1 supports itself

through annual dues and periodic fundraisers that Scouts, parents, and adults

are expected to participate in. Depending on the event, Scouts who participate

will earn money that will be credited to their Scout account that may be used for

activity and outing fees. Typical events include:

 A Fall Popcorn and Wreath Sale. All profits go to Scout Accounts based on


 A Spring Camp Card or Popcorn Sale is often held. All profits go to Scout

Accounts based on sales.

 Running concession booths at the Minnehaha Church/Pack 1 Community

Halloween Party in October. This fundraiser supports the Troop.

 A Winter Pancake Breakfast, usually the first or second Sunday in

February. This fundraiser supports the Troop.

 A Winter Spaghetti Dinner, usually the third Friday in March but sometimes

in early April. This fundraiser supports the Troop.

    Profits that support the Troop's General Fund are used for general Troop

operations, equipment and supplies, and can be used for scholarships and to

reduce camp costs on a limited basis. It’s important that Scouts and their

families participate in as many fundraisers as possible. The three Troop

fundraisers are the equivalent of a $75.00 dues increase.

    Fundraising can be difficult and time consuming. But it’s an important part

in keeping out-of- pocket costs to Scouts, parents, and adults as low as possible.

It also helps Scouts actively participate in supporting their activities and the

Troop, teaches Scouts self-confidence, and gives them greater ownership of and

responsibility for the program. At the same time, Scouts earn money for their

Scout account fund (which may be used for activities and events as well as

uniforms and equipment) and to help maintain the Troop’s equipment and buy

new equipment as needed.