05.Scout Stuff

Boy Scout Handbook:

    Since it was first published in 1911, the Boy Scout Handbook has been a

valuable source of information about the outdoors and the Scouting program.

Everything that a Scout or parent needs to know is in the Handbook.

Each Scout receives a Boy Scout Handbook when he crosses over from a

Cub Scout Pack into the Troop. Each Scout should mark his Handbook with his

name so it doesn’t get lost. Buying the canvas cover at the Scout Shop and/or

storing it in a sealable plastic bag will help keep it clean and dry at camp.

    A Scout should bring his Handbook to all meetings. This lets leaders and

First Class and above Scouts may sign off on completed requirements towards

advancement as they happen. Scouts should keep track of merit badges earned,

leadership positions held, and service projects performed in his Handbook for the

ranks of Star, Life and Eagle. Scouts need this information at Scoutmaster

Conferences for each rank. Parents, especially parents of new Scouts, should be

familiar with the Handbook and encourage Scouts to read it and use it to record

their accomplishments.

Scout Stuff:

    Uniform items, t-shirts, Handbooks, merit badge booklets, and a whole host

of other useful items are available at the four Twin Cities Scout Shops operated

by the BSA’s National Supply Division. Please visit the Northern Star Council’s

website, www.northernstarbsa.org, for hours and locations. Used uniform items

may also be available from the Council’s uniform exchange. Please see Uniforms

above. The Troop has a library of some merit badge pamphlets.


    Scouts need personal items such as a backpack or duffel bag, cold weather

and rain gear, eating utensils, insect repellent, a mess kit, other weather-

appropriate clothes, personal hygiene items, a sleeping bag, sunscreen, a water

bottle, etc. Advice for selecting equipment is available from Troop leaders and

senior Scouts. Please see the Supply List below and the Boy Scout Handbook for

more information. All personal items should be marked with the Scout’s name.

When buying equipment for your Scout, please keep quality as well as

price in mind. Good quality equipment will be needed to keep your Scout safe and

warm on the many campouts he will go on and it will last longer.