04.Troop Meetings

Troop Meetings:

    Troop meetings are held on Monday evenings, except the first Monday

when the PLC and Quartermasters meet, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Minnehaha

United Methodist Church. Meetings start on the first Monday after Labor Day and

continue through the first or second Monday after summer camp. There are no

meetings on “major” Monday holidays and during the Christmas and New Year

period. Scouts are responsible to arrive in their field uniforms (see Uniforms

below) with their uniform shirt tucked in on time. Please pick them up on time if

you’re not staying. Scouts run Troop meetings with the guidance and assistance

of the Scoutmasters. Parents are encouraged to stay and help at or observe

Troop meetings.


    Scouts are expected to respect nature, people, and property and to behave

in accordance with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

    In order to maintain the goodwill of the church community and others who

use the church, Scouts must stay in authorized areas of the church during Troop

meetings at all times. Going in other parts of the Church not used by the Troop,

running or roughhousing in the church, and eating or using things that aren’t

ours isn’t allowed. We don’t use the church elevators unless it’s needed.

Behavior problems will be dealt with promptly, in an appropriate manner,

and in accordance with Troop policy. Please see the Campout Guidelines and the

Conduct Policy below for additional details.


    The Boy Scout “field” uniform (for meetings and travel) is the official Boy

Scouts of America khaki shirt, Troop neckerchief, and slide. Pants don’t have to

be “official” BSA uniform pants but should be clean and neat. A full uniform of

cap or hat, shirt, neckerchief, slide, belt, pants, and socks, is encouraged. Used

uniform items are often available from the Northern Star Council’s uniform

exchange at the Gabbert Scout Service Center, 5300 Glenwood Avenue, in Golden

Valley. Please call the Northern Star Council at 763-231- 7201 for the current dates

and times of the uniform exchange.

    The “dress” uniform is the full field uniform with the merit badge sash. The

“dress” uniform is for special occasions such as Boards of Review, Courts of

Honor, the Pack 1 Blue and Gold Dinner, and Church events like Scout Sunday in

which the Troop is participating.

    The “activity” uniform is a Troop 1 (or old Troop 185 or Pack 120 or 1) t-

shirt. Other BSA t-shirts are also acceptable “activity” attire.

Scouts should be in the “field” uniform at all meetings at the Church.

“Field” uniform must be worn while traveling to campouts and outings. It’s

recommended that the “activity” uniform – a Troop or Scouting t-shirt – be worn

under the “field” uniform shirt for outings so that the “field” uniform shirt can be

taken off and kept reasonably clean once we arrive at our destination. Some

Scouts, when their first shirt starts to wear, get a second one with the first one

being the camp/travel shirt.

    When wearing the “field” uniform, the shirt should be clean, neat, and

tucked in with all current rank and other badges.

Common sense and safety take precedence. Scouts should always dress

for and be prepared for the weather and sudden changes in weather.

Not surprisingly, many uniform shirts look alike. Please write your Scout's

name in the label with a laundry pen.