A Guide to Troop 1

    Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 1! We’re happy to see your scout and you continue with, or start on, your Scouting adventure and that you chose to do so with Troop 1.

    We’ve designed this Guide to give parents an overview of Scouting

and of the organization, policies, and procedures of Troop 1. Please

review this Guide with your Scout. Cub Scouting is a family-oriented

program with adults doing most of the leading. Boy Scouting is a youth-led

program. But active participation by parents is essential to maintaining the

quality of the program, safeguarding health and safety, and developing and

supporting youth leadership. For Scouts, participation means regular

attendance at and participation in meetings, activities, and campouts. For

parents, participation means actively supporting the Troop to the best of

their ability by encouraging their Scouts to attend and participate and by

helping with Troop activities and events. Together, this means that we can

provide an exciting and fun outdoor program that helps build character,

develop physical fitness, and promote citizenship. This distinguishes

Scouting from all other youth programs.